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The Church in Afghanistan:
God has not forgotten them, and neither should we

Every year Open Doors releases the World Watch List. This annual fact-based research ranks countries according to the worst forms of persecution of followers of Jesus. For the first time, Afghanistan is now the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian.

The risks for our brothers and sisters here have increased. The country’s new rulers are carrying out random house searches and they are actively looking for anyone who is connected with the West or with Christianity. Most Christians choose to stay, others try to cross the border, just like many Muslims.

Our brothers and sisters facing discrimination, oppression and violent persecution need our long-term prayers and support.

On the evening that Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, fell into the hands of the enemy, somewhere in the city a little baby girl was born, to Christian parents. She entered the world in a country in turmoil, where Christians and other religious minorities live in fear, and women in particular, are extremely vulnerable.

Because of the safety of our work and family in the region, we don’t often get to share testimonies from Afghanistan. But today, I can share the story of a woman, Zabi*, in another part of the country. Zabi knows first-hand the terrible things that the Taliban can do to believers like her: “A few years ago, the Taliban took my father away because he was a Christian,” she says. “They killed him. A few months later, my brother also disappeared. We never heard of him again.

Thankfully, when the Taliban took over Afghanistan again in August 2021, Zabi managed to flee to a neighbouring country. It’s hard to imagine all Zabi has been through. Understandably, she has great fears for the future – but thanks to partners like you, Open Doors allies are able to support her with emergency food, shelter and prayer. “I feel alone and hopeless. You are a strand of hope to me.”

Their situation might feel helpless… and one would ask what then will the future hold for them, for the little Christian baby girl in Kabul? A local source said the parents felt the birth of their daughter was a sign that God had not given up on their country.

In the midst of crisis, God continues to work! And thanks to your prayers and support we can do what we can to support Christians living in the most dangerous countries in the world.

If you are able to and would like to financially support the long-term work of Open Doors for the top 10 most persecuted countries, please complete the form below:

*Name changed for security reasons.

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