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“In all the darkness of this country filled with persecution, children have found their spark: Jesus.” Rafif’s father was killed for being a Christian before she was born. Now she’s finding hope in the Saviour he died for.

Eleven-year-old Rafif lost her father in a bomb attack targeting Christians in Iraq. He saved many lives by warning a bus full of young believers about the bomb, but tragically he was killed in the attempt. Rafif hadn’t yet been born.

“I miss my dad,” says Rafif. It is particularly hard at Christmas. A nativity scene that her dad made, helps Rafif think of him at this time of year: “I never knew him, but by setting up this nativity scene, I feel he’s there at Christmas a little bit.”

Why was Rafif’s father killed by Islamic extremists? Rafif is still only young and puts it simply: “Because they hate Christian people, they want to get them out of this world. But we always stand!”

 Rafif’s family lost its breadwinner, making them economically vulnerable.

Thanks to supporters of Open Doors around the world, Rafif and her mum are receiving longterm practical and spiritual help. This includes a Christian education for Rafif.

Iraq is not the only place where Christian children are persecuted for their faith. All over the world this Christmas, millions of children will miss their parents, face violence or experience discrimination because their parents have chosen to follow Jesus.

When Rafif is asked about them, she knows what would help: “Every one of those kids should have a Christian education class like I do.”

You can help make bring Rafif’s vision a step closer. You can help ensure the future of the persecuted Church.

Please give a Christmas gift and pray today to help bring the spark back into the lives of children of the persecuted Church.

  •  Every R290 could provide two persecuted children with a Christmas gift (like Bibles, clothes, school supplies).
  • Every R1275 could provide a Christmas family pack with essential food, a gift for a child and the opportunity for them to attend a special Christmas children’s party.
  • Every R2550 could pay for a year’s basic schooling for two children of pastors who were killed for their faith
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