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Propaganda, Persecution, Pandemic…

The Church in India is in crisis. Currently the 10th most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian*.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, violent persecution against Christians has continued in the world’s largest democracy – in a coordinated attempt by Hindu extremists to wipe out Christianity. The crisis in India is more than just the pandemic.

There’s a story that is untold: violent persecution of Christians stirred up by lies and propaganda. The plan by Hindu extremists to wipe out Christianity and other religions from India. The Church in India is being silenced, they need our voice.

This call is urgent…This may be the last time for us to speak up for our brothers and sisters in India as the situation against them intensifies. It’s unthinkable that the Church could be destroyed in the world’s largest democracy.

*According to the Open Doors 2021 World Watch List.

Just released:

Shocking report from the London School of Economics (LSE), describing the extreme persecution Christians and Muslims are facing at the hands of violent vigilante mobs of Hindu nationalists.

This global campaign strives to:

Help change the narrative

for the Church in India. Christians are being viewed by many Hindus as traitors, foreign spies, undermining Hinduism.

Help the Church survive

the discrimination and persecution they face, so they can continue to be salt and light in the country.

Create awareness

about the situation faced by Christians and other minorities in India.

Today you can change their story.

Help the Church in India to survive and stand strong. Three ways you can act:

Join our month (31 days) of prayer for India.

Give if you are able to.

Stand for truth and speak out on their behalf.


This is a video of believers in India being threatened by Hindu citizens because of their faith in Christ.

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