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Struck down… but not destroyed. Help the Church in India survive today.

An extremist attack left Preetha* for dead. Yet she was refused hospital treatment because she’s a Christian. Extremist violence in India didn’t stop for the pandemic. But when the pandemic stops, will the Church have survived?

Our vision is not just that the Church survives but that it continues to grow in faith and courageous witness. Will you be part of this vision today?

Every R275 can provide urgent relief aid to a victim of violence or a believer who has lost their livelihood through the pandemic.

Every R950 can train a leader to run persecution survival workshops for more believers.

Every R4 100 can help a believer who has lost their livelihood to start up a small business.

Thank you for stepping up for our family in India, who, on the frontlines of our faith, need our support and prayers to continue standing and being the light amid the darkness.

*Names changed for security reasons

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