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Help persecuted women feel loved

In Central Asia, International Women’s Day on 8 March is a holiday widely celebrated by many. It’s customary for mothers, daughters and female colleagues to receive presents, and for families to share a festive meal.

But still, women are often forced to clean, cook and serve those meals to the men who gather to celebrate Women’s Day. On other days of the year, some refer to the holiday as a joke, telling women, “Keep quiet, woman. Your day is on 8 March.”

It was on this day, International Women’s Day, that a group of Christian women in Central Asia gathered in secret for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. No one could know they were there because if they were discovered, they could face rape, beatings… or worse.

Among these women was Mubina* who had converted from Islam and lost her husband and family in the process. But despite her struggles, she has no regrets.

Mubina shares,

“Jesus saved me! God taught me that I can always trust in Him. My husband might have left me, and my parents don’t accept me; but the Lord is my Husband, and the Lord is my Father. He takes care of me.”

Mubina and these other women put themselves at risk for one goal: to grow in Christ together. But they lack access to biblical and leadership training to help them grow further and strengthen the persecuted Church in their country. Your gift below can help change that.

Your gift today can help equip, empower and strengthen persecuted women in Central Asia and around the world.

Thank you for advancing God’s Kingdom where faith costs the most!

*Name changed for security reasons.

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