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The Word of God remains a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105).

Sadly, there are still persecuted believers who don’t own a Bible. Either because it’s not easily accessible in their countries, it’s illegal, or it’s available but not in a language they understand. So when believers receive Bibles, they rejoice upon being gifted their own Bible, and they treasure it like gold.

By giving a gift today, you will help encourage persecuted believers in their faith as it will assist in providing, printing, and distributing physical, audio or digital Bibles to them in their own language.

R160 could provide one believer with a Bible in their own language.
R400 could provide one believer with an audio or digital Bible.
R830 could reach one believer participating in an Open Doors literacy class with a Bible.

An Open Doors worker in Africa who helps to distribute Bibles to young people has seen first-hand how precious this Book is and how important it is to make it more accessible so believers can grow in their faith. That is why he’s so thankful for your support. “I thank you for your contribution to spread the Kingdom of God,” he said.

Thank you for giving this special gift today!

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