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“I don’t know why they did it,” said Pastor Mallo*, after 200 Christians were killed in a massacre on mostly Christian villages on Christmas Day. But these Fulani [militants] seem bent on stopping the spread of the Gospel. I think they attacked us to torment and frighten us. To make us question our faith.”

Open Doors’ World Watch List shows the horrifying cost of discipleship for Christians in parts of Nigeria. During this year-long period, 4 118 Christians were killed in the country for their faith in Jesus. In fact, Nigeria alone accounts for 82% of the total number of believers killed during the reporting period. On average, that’s more than 11 Christians killed, every day.

Urgent support is needed!

The numbers are horrifying, and the reality is something that each of us needs to pray for. But God’s people in Nigeria—and across sub-Saharan Africa—are ready to continue to be salt and light, even when they know they might be killed.

God is still at work! “We believe that God is in control,” Pastor Mallo continued. “Our faith will not be shaken. We will continue to serve the God who made heaven and earth.”

 Please will you give to support believers in sub-Sahara today?

  • Every R300 could give hope and healing at a trauma centre to a Christian who’ve experienced extreme violence.
  • Every R860 could provide two believers facing extreme persecution with a food package to help them and their family survive.
  • Every R2 320 could mean that a family of four believers displaced by persecution receives food, medicine and other emergency relief to help them survive.

Amid darkness and chaos, you will quip them to not only stand, but to run with the Good News of Jesus!

*Name change for security reasons.

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