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Egypt’s young Christians are being worn down by relentless persecution – and the future looks desolate.

Baher* left school at 13 to join other persecuted believers working in one of Upper Egypt’s deadly stone quarries. Within a week, his arm was severed in a horrific accident. Then his brother died on the job.

“I hated myself and I hated God.”

Young believers like Baher need hope. Not just in Egypt, but across the Middle East.

Please, will you rewrite the future for young Christians, to bring hope and purpose?

  • Every R260 could provide a month of medical care and support to a persecuted Christian.
  • Every R700 could help train and disciple vulnerable young quarry workers, to strengthen their faith.
  • Every R2 050 could give financial security to a persecuted Christian family, through a small business loan.

“Strengthen what remains and is about to die.” 

Revelation 3:2

*Name changed for security reasons.

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