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Stand up to violent persecution in sub-Saharan Africa

Christians across sub-Saharan Africa are under pressure like never before.

Islamic extremists target believers and want to destroy the Church.

Persecution is devastating for people like Ayuba* from Nigeria. After his father was murdered by Boko Haram, Ayuba received a threat: you’re next.

The survival of the Church is at risk – unless we act.

Will you stand as one with Christians like Ayuba in sub-Saharan Africa?

  • Every R295 could help one Christian who has experienced extreme violence by providing hope and healing at a trauma centre.
  • Every R565 could provide food, medicine and other emergency relief to help one believer displaced by persecution.
  • Every R1 550 could educate 17 young people from persecuted families for a month, giving them hope for the future.


“Arise, shine, for your light has come.” Isaiah 60:1

*Name changed and representative image used for security reasons.

**Any excess funds will be used to strengthen persecuted Christians in other countries where urgent help is needed.

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