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Children and youth, who are just at the start of their journey with Jesus, are targets of persecution just as much as adults. All of this has an impact on their faith and self-esteem, and they wonder: Why am I suffering because of Christ? Is He worth it?

They need a safe space to grow in their faith and life. Usually, this place would be home as that is supposed to be a physical and emotional safe space – a haven from the hardships of life. Sadly, for some persecuted children, their homes are dangerous. It’s where they face risk and persecution for their faith because their homes aren’t in safe areas or their persecutors live with them. Their homes are especially dangerous during Christmas.

This Christmas, you can help bring hope home for these children. You can help protect, provide for and strengthen their faith this Christmas through a gift of hope.

Give them a gift of safety, education and a future today…

Please, if you’re able, will you give a gift of hope to persecuted children this Christmas?

  • Every R165  could give a child a Bible so they can know Jesus through Scripture.
  • Every R450  could provide a month’s education to a child impacted by persecution.
  • Every R1 206  could support a child at Open Doors Children’s Centre in Colombia, giving safety, education, and a future.
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