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Discover stories and testimonies, from around the world, where God is doing incredible things through the ministry of Open Doors. Vicky Kente will talk to various Open Doors partners and staff who will be sharing inspiring stories of faith from our persecuted family, so you may be encouraged to live your life differently.

Episode 1

Vicky Kente interviews Jan Gouws, the former Former Executive Director of Open Doors Southern Africa. He talks about the history of Open Doors and Bible Smuggling.

Episode 2

Vicky Kente and Mamah focus on intercessory prayer and the importance of praying for the persecuted Church.

Episode 3

Vicky Kente and Gavin speak about how church leaders can involve their churches with the persecuted Church.

Episode 4

Adil, a persecution analyst in Sub-Sahara Africa for Open Doors, speaks to Vicky Kente about the persecution of Christians in Africa.

Episode 5

Morné talks to Vicky Kente about lessons from God’s University. Morné is a regional manager for Open Doors Southern Africa.

Episode 6

Justice & Sam tell us more about travelling to meet and encourage persecuted believers with Open Doors.

Episode 7

Charika and Vicky Kente speak about the Open Doors Women’s Ministry.

Episode 8

Again, Morné talks to Vicky Kente about lessons from God’s University.

Episode 9

Mamah shares a testimony about her travels to Nigeria, where the church is under attack.

Episode 10

Kerusha speaks to Vicky Kente about travelling and meeting persecuted believers from India.

Episode 11

Johan speaks about North Korea, shares a testimony about Egypt, and speaks about his involvement as a volunteer with Open Doors.

Episode 12

Vicky Kente interviews Heleen about the Open Doors Children’s Centre in Colombia.

Episode 13

Willie speaks about the children of the persecuted Church and refugees from Syria living in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

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