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Support And Care For Traumatised Believers

When believers face traumatic experiences, they need to learn how to heal psychologically from those experiences. That is why trauma support and counselling is vital.

Leopoldo, a pastor from Mexico, was dragged from his house by a group of people, who started to undress him, kick him and pulled his hair. One person kicked him in the ribs, breaking them. The incident broke Leopoldo and his family’s hearts. Open Doors sent the family to a trauma workshop. “Open Doors has supported us with training to overcome this effect, this psychological damage, in my children, in my wife and me”, said Leopoldo.

Through your Gift of Hope, you can support and care for traumatised believers when they face traumatic experiences due to persecution by enabling them to attend things such as trauma counselling, accessing trauma resources and helping meet their needs.

  • R400 could help meet the needs of one church leader who has experienced severe trauma
    R680 could support one believer with trauma counselling and resources
    R1 210 could provide online trauma counselling for one isolated believer
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