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Strengthen and protect the next generation of believers

Persecutors target Christian children and youth to prevent the next generation from building up the Church. This persecution prevents them from learning about their Christian faith at a formative time in their lives. That is why Open Doors invests in the future generation.

Justine*, a fieldworker working among children in the Middle East, says: “I see Christian children on the right track growing in their spirituality. Children become aware and understand how their faith is grounded in reason and become confident and able to defend their faith and reply to tough questions in diplomatic ways so not to be harmed [by] others.”

Your gift can help strengthen and protect the next generation of believers by providing them with much-needed Christmas gifts, helping them attend Christian events and continue their education.

  • R290 could provide two persecuted children with a Christmas gift (like Bibles, clothes, school supplies).
  • R490 could help send a child to a Christian camp or youth event.
  • R800 could provide a child with an educational scholarship.

*Name changed for security reasons.

**Disclaimer: Each gift from this calendar represents a contribution to a specific area of ministry. The gift amounts are examples of projects within larger packages. Your specific gift will go towards those packages (i.e. ministry area, region). Should any package become fully funded, we will apply your gift where the need is greatest. Representative image used for security reasons.

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