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Place A Bible Into The Hands Of A Believer

Besides prayer, Bibles are still the most requested item by our brothers and sisters in the persecuted Church. They’re too scarce, too expensive or illegal for many believers to obtain – yet, as you know, they’re essential to bring hope!

Many Christians around the world, both children and adults are praying for a Bible. Your gift today can give them their very own copy of the eternal Word of God.

R130 Blesses 1 hard-pressed Christian with their own Bible
R1300 Blesses 10 hard-pressed Christians with their own Bible
R13 000 Blesses 100 hard-pressed Christians with their own Bible

*Each gift represents a contribution to a specific project or area of ministry. Should any project or area of ministry become fully funded, we will apply your gift where the need is greatest. 

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