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You’re shaping the next generation of Indonesian Christians

In Indonesia, Christian children are bullied, given lower marks and forced to study Islam at school. And they’re struggling to withstand this persecution

Thankfully, through Open Doors’ training of Sunday School teachers, which you help make possible, Sunday school teachers like Alda (27) are gaining a wealth of knowledge to help strengthen these children in their faith…

“I learned to develop a teaching plan and tailor lessons according to children’s various age levels,” she says. “Also, I now know how to use props to excite the children and help them understand Bible lessons more easily.”

Before the training, many Sunday school teachers lacked knowledge in cultivating the children’s faith to prepare them for persecution. As a result of not knowing how to handle this pressure, many Christian children and youth convert to Islam in order to be accepted by the culture and gain access to a better education and better jobs.

But thanks to your support, teachers like Eka Susanti are helping these young people stand firm in their faith and grow in their love for Christ.

“At the training I found new meaning in my role as a Sunday school teacher who shapes the next generation,” says Eka. “Thank you, Open Doors, for your ministry… keep doing the good work for Indonesian children. They’re the arrows that we must fight for.”

That’s why this kind of training is so invaluable in helping mould these children – as teachers build up the next generation of Indonesian Christians.

Thank you for helping strengthen these children in their faith, so the Indonesian Church is able to survive and thrive as they step into the future God has for them. And please pray that God would continue to bless these teachers as they train the future Indonesian Church!

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