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You’re helping Saman and Darya recover their passion for the Gospel!

On the night Saman* and many other church members were arrested, Darya* was at home. But she still remembers the pain she felt that evening…

“When I heard there had been a raid on the men’s meeting, something died inside of me. Somehow, I was disappointed in the Lord.”

Apart from the physiological and physical effects, imprisonment can seriously damage someone’s faith – as well as the faith of their family and friends.

After Saman left prison, he remained under the watch of the authorities. So visiting other believers was impossible. Eventually, he fled Iran with other church members; but even in the safety of his new home, he struggled spiritually.

“We prayed but not like before,” Saman shared. “We read the Bible but found it hard to receive. We went to a local church, but there wasn’t any special care for us.”

When Darya finally joined the group, she expected to find her old church mates even more passionate and active. But instead, she found them depressed and silent.

That’s when friends like you stepped in to help Saman and Darya heal from their psychological and spiritual wounds through a trauma awareness seminar, organised by a partner which is supported by Open Doors. During the five-day conference, they received practical education on trauma, followed by art therapy and special messages from pastors on the subject of persecution from a biblical perspective.

“It’s so good to see my church mates here,” Darya shared. “I see how they are being refreshed, how slowly the fire is relighted. And I feel my fire being relighted as well!”

Thank you for helping Saman and Darya heal from their wounds and recover their passion for the Gospel. And thank you for any gift you feel led to give today to help more brothers and sisters like them living where faith costs the most.

Gifts are allocated to where most urgently needed across the globe – thank you!

*Name changed for security reasons.

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