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Marta grew up in a family that practices folk Islam (a mixture of Islam and traditional religion). In her village, the local witch doctor often asks families for money or even people as payment for the ‘spiritual protection’ he offers them.

When Marta was very young, the witch doctor asked for her. Her family agreed, and she became his servant and wife. During this time, her Christian aunt visited her regularly and shared the Gospel with her. Marta gave her life to Christ.

When she was in her mid-teens she left the witch doctor and told her family she was a Christian. She kept sharing her faith with them and eventually everyone, except her father, came to faith in Christ.

Marta’s life is not easy, but God has been faithful. Her journey to recovery from the darkness she experienced in the witch doctor’s house is only starting now. She needs much prayer and encouragement.

Write words of hope to Marta as she continues to work through her trauma. Pray for continued spiritual growth for Marta and her family and for healing from the trauma she has endured.

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