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Karidja in the shop she started with the help of Open Doors.

Karidja* and her husband, Didier*, grew up as Muslims in Ivory Coast. After they became Christians, they faced harsh persecution. When Didier died after a long illness, Karidja’s Muslim family tried to get her to return to Islam by getting her to marry a Muslim man. When she refused, as a last attempt to put pressure on her, they confiscated the wrappers (cloth locally used as garments) that she sold. This forced her to close down her business and not long after that she had to take her daughter out of school because she couldn’t afford the school fees anymore.

Thankfully, Open Doors was able to support her through a cross cultural ministry seminar and help her with a business venture to start selling clothes again. Today, she continues to suffer rejection from her extended family, but the fact that she can proudly provide for herself and her children helps a lot. “By God’s grace this project is helping me improve my life. I’m very happy.”

You can encourage Karidja as she steadfastly serves the Lord despite the difficulties and rejection she faces. Pray for Karidja’s continued spiritual growth and her involvement in her church.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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