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Hajaratu is a young Christian widow from Nigeria. Her husband, David Matthew, died of an illness in 2019, leaving her to care for their children alone. On the night of 10 July 2020, Fulani militants attacked her village. That night Hajaratu lost so much more than her possessions, grain stores, animals and parts of her home. She survived the attack, but the gut-wrenching reality of life after that night has remained. Her three older children were old enough to run on their own, so they joined the other people fleeing the village. Hajaratu took her youngest, a little girl and flung her onto her back. Tragically in the chaos, she lost her little girl. She was reunited with her other children who cried when they heard about their sister. Now, she’s trying to come to grips with her loss while keeping the rest of her family safe and fed.

Remind Hajaratu that there are Christians around the world who are thinking of her and praying for her by sending her a letter.

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