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Iran is a dangerous place to follow Jesus. Christians who evangelise to Muslims can be thrown in prison and converts from Islam can be sentenced to death. Arrests continue to rise as authorities try to stamp out Christianity.

In 2013, Ebrahim Firouzi (31) was charged for “promoting Christian Zionism”. He was due for release in 2015 but was sentenced to a further five years in prison under a new charge of “acting against national security, gathering and collusion”. Another brother, Nasser-Navard Gol-Tapeh (57), was arrested in 2016 for “missionary activities” and is serving 10 years in prison.

Nasser wrote from prison, “I thank God in perfect joy and peace for considering me worthy to be here because of my faith and witness to Jesus Christ.”

Please write to encourage Ebrahim and Nasser as they sit in prison for their faith. Pray that all those imprisoned will hold fast to Christ as imprisonment may result in significant trauma and isolation for believers.

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