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World Watch Update

Main Religion: Islam
Sources of Persecution: Islamic Oppression

In many of the top 10 Muslim countries on the Open Doors World Watch List – such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Iran and Maldives – Christians have to keep their faith a secret. In Pakistan, the country’s notorious blasphemy laws continue to pose a significant challenge for Christians, as mere accusations made by Muslims are enough to cost a Christian their job or even their life.

In Sudan, Islamic-based criminal laws that allow the use of amputations and floggings as punishment for acts of “indecency” and “immorality” have been applied indiscriminately and spuriously against indigenous African Christians.

And while Islamic State has lost power in Syria and Iraq, it’s expected that they will continue their terrorist activities in an effort to prove their continued relevance.


  • For Christians living in Muslim countries, that they will be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and be bold enough to share the Gospel.
  • That many Muslims in these countries will have an encounter with Jesus and come to know Him as their Lord and Saviour.
  • For protection for Christians who were formerly Muslims and are now living as secret believers under threat of death if their faith is discovered.
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