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Vulnerable girls need your prayers for protection

Many Christian girls in the persecuted Church face the risk of being abducted and forcefully married off. During the 2018 World Watch List reporting period a reported 2 260 women, that we know of, were raped, sexually harassed or forced into marriage simply due to their Christian faith.

In one such incident, 13-year-old Helen was abducted while on her way back from church in one of Nigeria’s northern sharia-governed states. She was married off to a Muslim man without her parents’ consent.

In such cases, your support enables Open Doors advocacy teams to step in, often providing families with funds to hire a lawyer to challenge the matter in court. Sadly, going to court doesn’t guarantee that the parents will get their daughter back, especially in places like Nigeria where underage marriage is permitted.

Please pray for these vulnerable Christian girls – that God will protect them. Pray also for strength and courage for those who have already been abducted, and that each one will have the chance to be reunited with her family.

*Representative image used.

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