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Vacancies available: Area Managers for Gauteng and Western Cape

The following positions are currently available

Role Title: Area Manager

Location: Based in Gauteng and Western Cape respectively

Purpose of the Role: It is the responsibility of the Area Manager to educate and mobilise the Body of Christ in the area (Gauteng or Western Cape), by building relationships with churches, church leaders, major donors, donors, other supporters and potential donors, with the aim to get people to identify with threatened and persecuted Christians and be actively involved in assisting them through prayers and financial support.

Relationships: The Area Managers report to the Regional Manager and relates to the Executive Director, all Departmental Managers, the Church Relations Team, Area Representatives and Volunteers in the area.

Time Commitment: A full-time position

Key Responsibilities

1.   Build Relationships with Church Leaders and Churches

  • Build relationship with church leaders on all levels and churches within the area with the aim to generate presentations at churches or group gatherings.
  • Nurture existing relationships with the local Church to ensure extended involvement of the Church with the most persecuted.
  • Generate presentations and meetings within the area at churches, schools, universities, businesses and other group gatherings or with individuals with the Open Doors Southern Africa (ODSA) mission in mind.

2.   Build Relationships with ODSA Partners

  • Attend to the needs of the partners in a timely manner.
  • Acknowledge partners in the area that donated large amounts.
  • Build relationships with Impact Partners in the area.

3.   Organise Presentations and Meetings

  • Organise and host presentations at churches according to the Church Relations Strategy, the Regional Strategy and the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Achieve set targets for presentations in the area which include number of churches reached, new subscribers, new donors and new debit order donors.
  • Organise Open Doors events and presentations for international and local speakers.

4.   Administration

  • Administration of presentations as per the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Reporting as requested by the Regional Manager.
  • Answering of all emails, internal and external, within 24 hours.

5.   General

  • Carry out any reasonable duties as requested by the leadership of ODSA.
  • Adhere to the agreed upon Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Maintain an open line of communication.
  • Participate in all team activities, including training, retreats, and devotions.
  • Visit the persecuted Church at least once every three years.

Experience and Expertise

  • The ability to communicate well in both English and Afrikaans (a third indigenous language will be beneficial) in the following manner:

Across a wide spectrum of age groups including children (4 to 10 years), tweens (11 to 13 years), teenagers (14 to 18 years), young adults, adults and elderly.

On a one-on-one basis with leaders of schools, churches or other organisations.

Interact effectively within a small or large group setting.

  • Competence in telephonic and online communication.
  • Competence in presentation skills.
  • Computer literate (Outlook, PowerPoint, Word & Excel).
  • The ability to listen, observe and implement instructions.
  • The ability to demonstrate that s/he can manage own time constructively and effectively.

Key Qualities and skills

To be successful in this position, the Area Manager must possess the following qualities:

  • Clear and demonstrable Christian commitment and acceptance of the Open Doors Statement of Faith
  • Vision and passion for communicating the message of the persecuted Church.
  • A high standard of written and verbal communication skills in both Afrikaans and English.
  • Personal qualities that include integrity, commitment to Open Doors Southern Africa’s mission, respect for diversity, and the ability to inspire and motivate.
  • Maintain a high level of confidentiality.

How to apply?

Please apply for this position by submitting your CV and one A4 page that briefly outlines what you bring to this role and how God has prepared you. We also would like to receive references from your previous employer(s) and local church. Please ensure that your application reach us at [email protected] no later than 9 October 2020.

Further information can be obtained from the abovementioned email address.

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