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An unbelievable change

As we think of our heritage as Christians, we can’t help but reflect on one of the world’s greatest Christian revivals. In 1949, the People’s Republic of China was established under Mao Zedong. Under the new communist ideology Christianity was suppressed and all foreign missionaries left the country. But it was during this time that the Church grew and a few years later out of the ashes of death and destruction in China’s Cultural Revolution, rose a purified, renewed and fast-growing church.

The need for one million Chinese Bibles was urgently requested and a team of ordinary men responded with a strong faith. In one night, 232 tons (approximately 210 467 kilograms) of Bibles were delivered by tugboat to a secluded beach in China that was set to escalate the growth of the Church in China exponentially. The revival that swept through China was fuelled by the infusion of these one million Bibles. And so the Christian heritage in the country also grew.

Find out how and why the revival sweeping through China was fuelled by the infusion of one million Bibles by reading Night of a Million Miracles by Paul Estabrooks. It can be purchased from our web shop.

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