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Thank you for helping Shikhar stay strong in his faith!

While he was hospitalised following a road accident, Shikhar’s relatives instructed the hospital to deny him food. They used every chance they could to punish him for his faith in Christ.

Shikhar shares…

“All I could do was lie on my bed and weep. I felt disheartened, and many times I wished I could die! I was so heartbroken, but my pastor regularly came to the hospital to meet with me. He brought me lunch from time to time.”

It was while Shikhar was in the hospital that Open Doors, through church partners, contacted him and helped pay for his hospital bills. They also gave him clothing, food, and emotional and spiritual support through persecution preparedness seminars.

Shikhar is now home from the hospital, but he continues to receive threats. Recently, a local villager threatened to kill him if he continued preaching, but Shikhar stayed strong.

He adds…

“I keep reminding myself what persecution preparedness taught me – I am not alone. There are many who suffer for their faith. God is with me, and I will never regret my faith. The more I am persecuted, the more I will grow in faith and be strengthened.”

Thank you for helping Shikhar know he is not alone. And thank you for any gift you can give below to help others like him withstand persecution and stay strong in their faith.

Gifts are allocated to where most urgently needed across the globe – thank you!

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