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“You were there when I was in need.” – Kusum

Thank you for comforting widows like Kusum

No parent should have to bury their child. Yet, 27-year-old Kusum* from India endured such loss when her five-year-old son passed away from sickle cell anaemia.

Just a few years earlier, she’d lost her husband. Through all of this, her family and community blamed her for the deaths of her husband and son, saying her Christian faith caused her tragedy.

Her father-in-law would stand outside her home, brandishing an axe and threatening to cut her into pieces. “It’s your fault my son is dead! He died because of you and your toxic faith!” he’d exclaim.

Today, her in-laws continue to verbally abuse her, and the villagers persecute her. Yet, Kusum is determined to continue following Jesus. “Whenever they persecute [me], I pray,” she says. “Prayer makes me strong, and I know others pray for me too.”

Your prayers and support have enabled Kusum to survive and stand strong in her faith, together with her only other surviving son.

Whenever I was in great need, God provided through [your supporters]. I’m so thankful to all of you,” she says. “You were there when I was in need. All the brothers and sisters who are praying for me, my eldest son and village… I’m so thankful for your prayers.”

Thank you for standing with widows like Kusum who’ve been abandoned by those around them because they love Jesus. You’re helping them know they’re not alone! Also, see our special insert about India and how you can continue to pray.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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