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Syrian Christians who need food and hope say thank you!

Syria’s civil war has forced many people to flee their homeland. But there are still many believers in this war-torn country who are struggling to survive.

Samir’s family tried to seek shelter in Aleppo – just before fighting broke out there and bombs destroyed many lives and buildings. They’re one of more than 17 000 families whom you help support with food through an Open Doors local church partner each month.

“Not a family in Aleppo can live and continue to feed and raise their children without help,” says Samir. “The food I receive helps us continue living here. Thank you.”

The next step is to help families in Aleppo get back on their feet by starting a church-based Centre of Hope – to provide vocational training and microloans to people who want to start a small business.

Your support has already enabled Open Doors to work with churches to start Centres of Hope in two other cities. Father Elias Farah serves in one of those and says, “We must do something to help the people work again, to earn their own living. That is a way of giving the people hope.”

Your faithful support is vital to strengthening churches in Syria and giving hope to Christians who’ve lost everything in the war. May God bless you for showing His love to the people of Syria!

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