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Syria Emergency: Please pray

Open Doors church partners on the ground in northern Syria are responding to the emerging crisis, caring for those caught up in the fighting.

Open Doors continues to stand alongside Christians in Syria with emergency support, pastoral care and immediate trauma support, as well as investing in their livelihood, so they might stay in their country. Our local partners are urgently assessing the situation to see how best to meet the needs of the church community.

Will you pray and give today – to meet immediate needs and provide longterm for your Christian family in Syria?

Thank you for showing your family in Christ that although they are persecuted, they are never alone!

Here is my gift to provide urgent and longterm help for my family in Syria*

*Your gift will be used as a priority in immediate response and longterm support for affected believers. In the event more is raised than is needed for this situation, your gift will be used in other situations of critical need in Syria and in the region.

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