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Have you been challenged with questions like: Can God truly overcome evil? Is love really more powerful than hate? How can a person maintain even a small hope in a dark place? How can someone live the abundant, victorious life that Jesus promised in our world’s hardest places?

The Insanity of God tells some of the most incredible stories of faith lived out by believers in the darkest places on earth. It shows the power and glory of our all-knowing and all-powerful God – no matter the culture, the challenge or the opposition!

Mission veterans Nik and Ruth Ripken have been travelling the world on a pilgrimage through persecution and have been privileged to sit at the feet of many faithful followers of Christ. “It is as if our Bible has been blown open, and the characters have exploded out of its pages,” they say when asked about their serving in the field over the last 28 years and counting.

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