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Gift 4: Give persecuted believers access to the Word of God


Besides prayer, Bibles are still the most requested item by our brothers and sisters in the persecuted Church. They’re too scarce, too expensive or illegal for many believers to obtain – yet, as you know, they’re essential to bring hope!

R130 Blesses 1 hard-pressed Christian with their own Bible
R1300 Blesses 10 hard-pressed Christians with their own Bible
R13 000 Blesses 100 hard-pressed Christians with their own Bible

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In many countries around the world, there are still believers who need Bibles and Christian literature. Access to these resources isn’t always easy because certain countries laws prohibit it or due to the dangers of owning such resources. Yet, believers are willing to risk it to be able to access God’s Word.

“We would like to thank all those who contribute to the distribution of Bibles, books and gospels. We also had difficulties with the believers who can neither read nor write, especially the elderly. So, we were so happy with the arrival of memory cards and the audiobooks,” says a Bible and Christian literature beneficiary.

Make the Word of God accessible to persecuted believers, so they can be encouraged in times of persecution through your Gift of Hope that could provide them with a physical or digital Bible, or support its printing and delivery in closed countries.

R210 could provide one believer with a Bible in their own language.
R430 could help print Christian literature in a closed country.
R3 560 could equip partners to distribute Bibles and Christian material in hard-to-reach places.

**Disclaimer: Each gift from this calendar represents a contribution to a specific area of ministry. The gift amounts are examples of projects within larger packages. Your specific gift will go towards those packages (i.e. ministry area, region). Should any package become fully funded, we will apply your gift where the need is greatest. Representative image used for security reasons.

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