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22-28 August 2021

Indian government

Since the current BJP government came into power in May 2014 and was re-elected in May 2019, pressure on Christians in India has risen drastically. Since coming into power, a power nexus of RSS extremists (a Hindu nationalist organisation known for its radical Hindu ideology), media and government-controlled officials has come into existence, and they work together against Christianity. This nexus carries most responsibility for the increase in hostilities towards Christians. Under their ruling, Hindu radicals can continue their attacks unabated, and the level of impunity is very high.


  • Pray that God will soften the hearts of the Indian government towards Christians so that they can live out their faith without fear and retribution.
  • Pray that God will open the eyes of the government to the truth of who He is so that they will turn away from their attacks on Christians and other minorities.
  • Pray that the international community would take the situation of Christians and other minorities seriously and work with the Indian government to bring about positive changes for religious minorities in the country.
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