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In a world full of uncertainties, there’s one certainty worth risking everything for – LIFE.



Persecuted Christians face unimaginable persecution and discrimination, yet they courageously share the Good News, risking their very lives to do so.

Their steadfast resolve to share the Good News, even amid the trials, serves as a beacon of hope in the darkest of times.

As we grapple with the challenges of our time, let us draw inspiration from the remarkable courage and resilience of persecuted Christians.

Join us this Persecution Sunday, 26 May, to hear their story of faith and courage amid persecution and discrimination.

Some ways you can join us this Persecution Sunday:

Request an Open Doors speaker for the day or volunteer to speak at your church/small group.

Ring your church bells at 9am on the day

Set aside time to pray for the persecuted Church.

Take an offering for the persecuted Church.

Join us in your personal capacity, with your family, as a small group or church.

Complete the form below to choose how you or your church want to join us this Persecution Sunday.

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