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Open Doors’ partners did something extraordinary

For the past two months, Open Doors has been focussing on India.

Since April, the love and support of Open Doors partners have helped to raise over R104 000 in support of persecuted believers in India. (Click here to give today).

Open Doors partners are helping us be there, on the ground, to support our family when they feel deserted with nowhere to turn. Family like Hari*…

Since Hari accepted Christ, he has faced constant opposition for his faith. As pastor of his church, he has been arrested several times. His church has been sealed and shut by the authorities. He is under constant surveillance and accused of converting people through bribery with money. Amid all this persecution, he continues to love the Lord and stands strong in his faith.

How is it that he keeps going?

He knows he’s not alone!

“It is so joyful to see God’s children standing with me in the midst of persecution,” Hari says. “I prayed to the Lord for help, and He sent you.

“Our God has indeed not forsaken or failed us. Thank you so much for your help and support.”

Thanks to our partners, we’ve been able to come alongside Hari and his family with relief aid and help for his business, along with ongoing spiritual and prayer support. Their gifts and prayers help Hari to be fitted with the feet of readiness.

At the moment, Hari and his church miss gathering in their church building. Yet they continue meeting in secret and live out their faith, in whatever ways they can.

“Continue praying for us,” Hari asks. “I am very convinced that Christ is able to protect what we have entrusted unto Him.”

Amen! Let’s continue entrusting our family in His hands. May He continue to build His Church in India. And may He continue to use us, the rest of His Body, to do it!

Please continue praying for our family in India:

  • Pray for the 2024 election results that will be announced on 4 June. Pray that the government that wins, would work for the welfare of the people, especially Christians who are being treated unjustly.
  • Pray that the anti-conversion laws are not imposed in more states of India. This law is widely misused for arresting Christians.
  • Pray for the Christian community to grow strong in their faith to face the onslaught of evil.
  • Around 152 Christians have been reconverted to the Hindu religion in the Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra border in the last few months. Pray for the Lord to continue revealing Himself to them, and that though they have reconverted to Hinduism, the Gospel seed planted in them will grow in their hearts.

“I will build my Church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.” 

Matthew 16:18

Support believers in India today:

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