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Nimal says: ‘Thank you for being willing to help us!’

In Asia’s Buddhist block, following Jesus comes at a high cost. Those who turn to Christ are thought to bring betrayal and disgrace on their families – and it’s often a convert’s close relatives who are the source of the fiercest persecution.

Jigme* from Bhutan knows this only too well:

“I can still vividly remember how my father used to beat my mother with [his] army belt, leaving her bleeding… chunks of flesh torn from her body… just for attending church. My father is the most violent persecutor I have ever seen in my life.”

Harassment also comes from believers’ Buddhist neighbours – who fear that having a Christian in the village will “anger the spirits”.

Tom*, also from Bhutan, shares…

“I’m often harassed and pressured to renounce [my] new faith in Jesus. One day I was forced out of my house, made to crawl under a cow and drink its urine.”

It’s Believers from a Buddhist Background like Tom and Jigme that you’re helping, as you stand alongside them through your prayers and support. Right now through Open Doors, you’re encouraging converts in Buddhist strongholds like Bhutan, Myanmar and Laos – strengthening them to stand firm in the face of persecution and threats, by providing practical aid, livelihood assistance and vital training programmes.

Just like brother Nimal (pictured on the left), who you helped start his own brickmaking business to provide for his family,  speaks for each one: “Thank you for being willing to help us. May God bless you!” Your support reminds these hard-pressed believers they’re not

*Names changed for security reasons.

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