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Church and Bible school attacked in ongoing fighting | Myanmar

At least four students were injured when their Bible school in Myanmar’s northern Shan state was hit by army artillery on 4 November. Four days earlier, on 30 October, Lonja Baptist Church in Wa Wun village in Momauk township, Kachin state, was damaged by military shelling.

Since the coup in February 2021, the military has unleashed a bloody clamp down on any opposition, resulting in a civil war that has engulfed the country and has forced more than 1.4 million people from their homes, including more than 400 children. “In the shadow of the Ukraine war, the civil war in Myanmar continues to grind on,” said Thomas Muller, persecution analyst with Open Doors World Watch Research. “After eighteen months in power, the military regime has failed to assert control. The Tatmadaw, the national army, appears unable to overcome the fierce resistance of the opposition forces, which have been joined by some ethnic minority armies.”

 Myanmar’s Christians, particularly in majority Christian areas, find themselves in the crossfire of the ongoing fighting with attacks on homes and churches perceived to be supporting the opposition.

 Pray for an end to the civil war in the country and that God will be with our family in Christ who are discouraged, frustrated and in need of counselling as they’re caught in the middle of the fighting.


Government systematically campaigns against Christians, says report | Algeria

Since January 2018, at least 26 churches have been forced to close their doors, the report said. At least 16 of these belong to the Protestant Church of Algeria, a network of churches known as EPA. The EPA has been waiting for years for its formal re-registration under a 2006 law that requires all non-Muslim places of worship to be licensed, as are its member churches, which also have applied for registration.

In November last year, the US State Department announced it would, for the first time, include Algeria on its Special Watch List of countries that “engage in or tolerate severe violations of religious freedom”.

On 11 November, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom briefed the US government on the situation of freedom of religion or belief in Algeria and advised the government to keep the country on its watch list because of its blasphemy and proselytisation legislation.

 Pray that God would open the hearts of the Algerian government to allow for religious freedom and that they will reopen the churches they closed down so believers can worship God in peace.


FIFA World Cup | Qatar

On 20 November the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar (#18 on the World Watch List). This year’s tournament was unlike any other due to the unique situation of the tiny Arabian Gulf nation of Qatar. As a country governed by Sharia law, although it’s one of the wealthiest countries on earth, the Qatari people have yet to experience the abundant Spirit-filled life found in Christ.


Pray that as the World Cup comes to an end on 18 December Muslim men and women in Qatar will recognise Jesus as the “Pearl of Great Price” (Mt. 13:46) and that the Lord will establish His Church among every person in Qatar and in the Arabian Peninsula.

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