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Bae returns to North Korea for the Gospel

Faith in Jesus can be a death sentence in North Korea. There is an estimated 400 000 Christians in this country – and all of them are secret believers. If they’re caught, they’re immediately sentenced to death or imprisoned in labour camps.

This year, North Korea is number two on the Open Doors World Watch List of the top 50 countries where Christians experience the worst persecution – after having held the top position on the list for 20 years. Although North Korea has fallen to second place, persecution is worse than ever before and has recently reached record highs.

Despite this, believers like Bae* have chosen to stay in the country for the sake of the Gospel.

Once, long ago, she managed to escape and flee across the border to China where she ended up at a safe house run by Open Doors partners. There she could openly worship with other Christians and experience fellowship – something that is impossible in North Korea.

Although she could stay at the safe house permanently, she chose to return to North Korea despite the danger and share the food, medicine and new Bible she received with secreted believers in her home country.

Recently, on another trip to China, Bae was able to get a letter to an Open Doors partner, thanking Open Doors and supporters like you for their prayers and gifts. We can’t tell you how she got it to us – doing so would put Bae in incredible danger. But it’s a powerful opportunity to hear from a Christian leader still inside North Korea. Here’s what she wrote – and some of it is meant for you:

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