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Kazakhstan: Christians Face Growing Pressure And Restrictions

Kazakhstan: Christians face growing pressure and restrictions

Nikolai Levin, from Kazakhstan’s Akmola region, has been issued another fine for refusing to pay an earlier fine for leading his religious community, Forum 18 has learned. He is already among many of his fellow Baptists on the exit blacklist in the country, and the home where his church meets is under a restraining order.

Two Protestants from Atyrau have also been prosecuted for “violating the procedure for conducting religious meetings” for drinking tea with other church members after a Sunday service.
Under Kazakhstan’s restrictive 2011 Religion Law, citizens and foreigners resident in Kazakhstan require state permission before they can speak to others about their faith. Those who violate this law can be fined for illegal “missionary activity” – and if they are foreigners, they can also be deported.

Pray for the Christians in Kazakhstan. The above incidents seem to point to a deteriorating situation for them.

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  1. Nikolai, the Enemy desperately seeks to “ring fence” the existence and activities of the Bride of Christ. He cannot succeed because “the Love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given”(Rom 5:5); and so, when we gather corporately or are dispersed – we never cease to belong to Him and to each other. And Jesus has promised to “build His Church, and not even the gates of Hell can stop Him”(Matt 16:18). We love, respect, and salute you in Christ Jesus!

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