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In the trenches

As a young adult, Shiden was caught worshipping in secret and was imprisoned in Eritrea for nearly 10 years. He endured horrific conditions in a metal shipping container with 30 to 40 other Christian prisoners.

No one could have predicted how difficult it would be for him to reintegrate back into normal life. On his return home, Shiden was confronted with having missed out on an education and a job that would enable him to make a living.

“Shiden has fallen into deep depression, and there are times when he’s completely irrational,” his brother explained. “We have to watch him all the time, even at night, to make sure he doesn’t harm himself.”

Sadly, there are thousands of Christian prisoners who face similar challenges when they’re released. They need a lot of prayer and support long term. Please pray for healing for Shiden and many others like him.

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