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Two years ago, four precious children – Trinity (4, pictured left) , Alvaro (5), plus Anita (3) and Intan (2) – were injured in a bomb attack at their church in Samarinda, Indonesia.

Little Intan, who was the most severely injured, passed away the day after the attack.

Today, Trinity and Alvaro continue to undergo treatment for their injuries. Trinity is to undergo her next phase of treatment in China. “Praise the Lord for her progressive healing. It’s all God’s grace,” said Trinity’s father.

Alvaro’s healing has been slow, and he is currently undergoing advanced treatment in Malaysia. Despite this his mother said, “God never ceases to show His love [for us]. He brings many good people to take care of us here.”

Anita, the youngest of the three surviving children, still suffers with trauma from the incident and meets with a counsellor twice a month; but she is progressing well. However, she’s still afraid of adults after what happened.

Please pray for these three children – for healing from both the physical and emotional scars. Pray for success in Trinity and Alvaro’s treatments, and for continued progress for Anita. Your prayers make a difference. Thank you!

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