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Dear friend

Recently in my daily reading, I was both challenged and encouraged by reading Paul’s second letter to the Corinthian Church where he commends them for their eagerness to help the poor in the Church in Jerusalem, and how reports of their enthusiasm stirred the Church in Macedonia to action even though they didn’t have much to give.

In his letter, Paul compares giving to sowing seeds and the wonderful promise that as they give generously with cheerful hearts, God is able to not only meet their own needs but increase their store of seed too so that they can continue to be generous on every occasion, and their generosity will, in turn, lead to thanksgiving to God.

That is challenging because our own circumstances of uncertainty in a global pandemic could cause us to hesitate in our generosity to the Church in need elsewhere in the world. But it’s encouraging to be reminded that we can’t outgive God’s generosity.

As you can see from this newsletter, thanksgiving goes out to God from the Church in the Middle East for your gifts and prayers that have helped Christians in dire need. With them, I thank God for His provision through your generosity.

Support to meet the ongoing needs for basic necessities and leadership training in the churches in Syria, Iraq and beyond is essential. It’s an occasion to be generous. So please consider signing up as a regular giver to serve the persecuted Church living courageously in insecure circumstances.

Your generous gifts will lead to thanksgiving to God and, in His grace, stir others to action.


Lynette Leibach

Executive Director
Open Doors Southern Africa

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