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You’re helping support and shepherd Tibetan Christians!

Buddhism is very deeply rooted in Tibetan culture. Tibetans are born into Buddhism and are under a tough stronghold. So, if they convert, they’re considered traitors and shamed in their society.

Teresa*, a Believer from a Buddhist Background, faced discrimination from her family and her colleagues when she chose to follow Christ. A few years ago, she left her full-time job of almost 20-years to serve God. Today, she is one of the main leaders in China who supports and shepherds Tibetan Christians.

Thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors has been able to help Teresa over the years, equipping her to minister to Tibetan Christians through training, mentorship and practical assistance.

Xiao Yun*, Open Doors’ China director, has been training and equipping Teresa and her disciples for around two years. “In the beginning, Teresa was lacking skills and knowledge in leading disciples. Her groups were not stable,” Xiao said. But today, Teresa has grown more mature in both leadership skills and biblical knowledge, thanks to your support.

Teresa is thankful for all you have done to help her care for her Christian brothers and sisters in China. Please continue to pray for Teresa, as she prepares to go out and search for isolated Tibetan Christians, once her groups are better developed and more independent.

*Names changed and representative image used for security reasons.

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