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There is nothing so great to a person in distress than a word of encouragement. No matter how long or short the word is; it has the power to heal, console and encourage. In a situation of loneliness, loss or need, words can turn a painful moment into a moment of courage. Words of encouragement can serve as a friend in times of loneliness. Letters of encouragement can be a mirror to glance at and a pillar to hold on to when no one else is around.


Here are a few simple guidelines before you start writing:

IconPray before you start - Ask God to give you the right words to write. Include one or two Bible verses. For Bible verses in other languages, visit www.biblegateway.com

IconShow sensitivity - Please do not dwell on the recipient’s plight, or share about the blessings of life in your country.


Keep it short and simple - Print clearly. Write in simple English or, if you can, in the recipient’s language. Short letters cost less for us to post, and are easier to translate.

IconSecurity - Please DO NOT MENTION OPEN DOORS in your letters, criticise a country’s religion or religious extremists, its government, judicial system or political leaders. It is fine to include your name and country, but NOT your full address.

IconCards and postcards - Colourful cards can say so much more than a long letter on plain paper. If you are writing a postcard, please send it in an envelope rather than writing Open Doors’ address on the card. If you are sending more than one letter or card, please put all  your letters in one envelope, addressed to: c/o Open Doors.

IconHandmade cards and artwork - Making cards is a great way of helping younger people to connect with persecuted Christians.

IconGifts - Please DO NOT include money in your letter or card as Open Doors will not be able to forward your gift. It is unsafe to do so and can cause difficulties for the recipient.

IconNorth Korea - We regret we are unable to forward letters to believers in North Korea.

IconRespect - When writing to those in Muslim countries, please do not say anything negative about Islam or make reference to Israel (even when using scripture).


Writing campaigns that have ended:

On behalf of the following persecuted Christians, we would like to extend a sincere word of thanks for every letter and card written to them. The following campaigns have ended, but do continue to pray for them and their families: 

  • Jeovani, Steven and Dieu - Central African Republic
  • Naigzhi family -Eritrea
  • JaneRoza Kachila -Tanzania
  • Umid and his family -Turkmenistan
  • Mercy - Nigeria

Once you’ve posted your letter, remember to pray for the person you’ve written to. Your prayers really make a difference!


  • Your letter will arrive safely at its destination.
  • The recipient will be blessed by what you’ve written and comforted by the knowledge that you are praying for them (Romans 15:30).
  • God will give the recipient strength to persevere, and that they will know His compassion and mercy (James 5:11).


To meet Christian brothers and sisters that would appreciate your words of encouragement...

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