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Videos from the persecuted Church

Videos from the Persecuted Church

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  • Displaced



    Persecuted Iraqi Christians have been displaced by the violence and terrorism in their homeland and ...

  • WWL 2012 Top 10

    World Watch List Top 10 - 2012


    This video shines the spotlight on the top 10 most oppressive countries for Christians to live in.

  • Interview with Miriam

    Interview with Miriam


    A lady from Iran who was born of a Muslim family and became a Christian is being interviewed.

  • The World is Watching

    The World is Watching


    The evolution of technology is making the world appear as a small community. Most people today ...

  • Freedom in Christ

    Freedom in Christ


    During centuries the Church has been persecuted, many have risked their lives for speaking up and ...

  • God's Grace

    God's Grace


    Brother Andrew said: "I believe that there is not a closed door in the world, because Jesus says, 'I ...

  • Secret Believers

    Secret Believers


    This video provides a brief glimpse of the secret believers who pray in Jesus' name in ...

  • Thank You

    Thank You


    A "Thank You" video to our supporters for helping Open Doors provide encouragement, support, ...

  • Dangerous Book

    The Dangerous Book


    The guards said Brother Isaac would be tortured if he continued to read the scraps of a Bible that ...

  • Extraordinary



    This short video shows how extraordinary results can be attained when people like you and I take a ...

  • A Cry from Iran

    A Cry from Iran


    A Cry from Iran is a powerful documentary on modern-day martyrdom. The film tells the true story of ...

  • Journey of Forgiveness

    A Journey of Forgiveness


    In our Christian life, we must never lose sight of the very fundamentals of our faith. You have to ...

  • Hea Woo's Story - Pray for North Korea

    Hea Woo: Survivor of a North Korean Death Camp

    16-02-2012North Korea

    Hea Woo is a Christian from North Korea. She was arrested for fleeing to China and sentenced to ...

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