Boy peeking around a door

What We Do

In over 50 countries we are:

  • Providing Bibles and Christian literature

Open Doors provides a wide range of biblical material in various languages to persecuted Christians, including Study Bibles, Children's Bibles, MP3 Bibles and discipleship literature.

  • Training for leadership and discipleship

Open Doors offers training in effective church leadership and discipling others, in order to help believers grow in their faith and to learn how to stand strong in the midst of persecution.

  • Sustaining lives, supporting livelihoods

Open Doors practically supports victims of persecution, violence and natural disaster. We assist Christian families, widows and orphans with literacy training, livelihood and business opportunities.

  • Personal encouragement

Open Doors brings personal encouragement to many persecuted believers in various ways, including writing letters and cards of encouragement, as well as sending travellers to meet and pray with persecuted believers in their local areas.

  • Speaking out in advocacy

Open Doors helps persecuted believers by advocating on their behalf, providing legal support, seeking positive policy changes and campaigning in South Africa.

  • Raising awareness and encouraging prayer

Open Doors produces a range of resources that are available to South African Christians, alerting them to the needs of the persecuted Church and encouraging prayerful support.