Our History

Our History

Andrew van der Bijl, a young Dutch missionary was invited to attend a Communist Youth Festival in 1955 in Poland. In his suitcase he had a couple of Bibles meant for believers in Warsaw.

Brother Andrew

What he found behind the Iron Curtain was a Church in desperate need of encouragement and Bibles. This is when God called Brother Andrew, as he is now simply known, through the words of Revelation 3:2, “…be watchful and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die.”

Brother Andrew's one-man operation quickly grew into a worldwide ministry. The work of Open Doors broadened to taking Bibles into China, Vietnam and later Africa and the Muslim World, and organizing training seminars and practical aid for suffering Christians. Under Brother Andrew's leadership Open Doors has gone where most western Christians dare not go. His underground network of indigenous Christians has aided in the secret distribution of millions of Bibles each year, worldwide.

Open Doors has trained thousands of pastors and church leaders and provided spiritual and legal support for Christian prisoners. We have also provided economic relief for their families and the families of martyrs.

If you would like to learn more regarding Brother Andrew and the ministry of Open Doors, order God’s Smuggler from us.