Pray for the Nations - Podcast collection

For 60 years, Open Doors, has been strengthening the persecuted Church in countries where Christianity is forbidden or restricted. Open Doors teams across the world, continue to visit believers in high-risk areas to provide Bibles, Christian literature, literacy and leadership training, livelihood opportunities, emergency assistance and personal encouragement. Many of the believers we meet are in desperate need of prayer and encouragement from their family in Christ.


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  • Pray for the Nations - Layla

    Layla's Testimony


    Layla was only six years old when her parents divorced. After the divorce Layla missed her father ...

  • Pray for the Nations - Fatima



    Not many people know that there are over twenty million ethnic Muslims in China. Fatima was born and ...

  • Pray for the Nations - Jun



    Like many girls, Jun must have loved to dance when she was young. Soon she experienced that living ...

  • Pray for the Nations - Phillip

    Phillip's Testimony


    It all started with a phone call late in the day. An unfamiliar voice on the other side instructed ...

  • Pray for the Nations - Gladys

    Gladys Juma's Testimony


    Gladys Juma, from Kenya, is all too familiar with loss. After being widowed, she married Dr Benjamin ...

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