SGIG - Dangerous Faith

Dangerous Faith - The book of Job

The Book of Job is a teaching series in which we will explore the radical riches of the book of Job in the company of Min Hee* from North Korea. When we read the Bible intertwined with the lives of persecuted believers, we often find not only that the Bible makes more sense, but that God gets bigger. Maybe a bit more dangerous too.

May you be inspired through this series to step deeper into the exciting adventure of faith, safe in the hands of a God who is bigger than our imagination, and who loves us beyond our wildest dreams.

Download the complete Dangerous Faith: The Book of Job series and its additional resources:

SGIG - Book of Job

Job finds himself in a dark, dark place. He loses everything that matters. His friends dispute his integrity and the God he thought he understood, suddenly seems to be fickle and elusive. We will be walking with Job through suffering, rejection and doubt, all the way to faith.  

SGIG - Min Hee 

We meet a North Korean Christian who suffers unspeakable tragedy and comes to the end of herself, and to the end of her faith. Like Job, she finds God silent in the midst of life’s unbearable unfairness. Perhaps it is in the extreme places of life that we find God – find Him not as we expected, nor how we wanted Him to be – but a God who is bigger than our wildest dreams, a God who loves and a God who is worthy of our trust. This is a story of hope; for the worst time of your life, from the worst place in the world.