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A new hope and future starts here

Anwar* (25) from Syria had his hope shaken when his family rejected him and kicked him out when he became a follower of Christ. In his darkest hour, Anwar found hope in Christ and the Centres of Hope in Syria.

Anwar is the son of a sheik and from an esteemed family in Syria. Choosing Jesus meant losing everything – his security, his status, his inheritance, his family, his friends and his community. But thanks to Open Doors’ supporters, our partners were able to be there for Anwar when he needed family the most. By welcoming him into the community at an Open Doors’ Centre of Hope.

Today, may you be encouraged by Anwar’s testimony, and in whatever you may be facing, Anwar encourages you to “have courage and trust the Lord because it’s worth it. It’s really worth everything.”

These centres across Iraq and Syria provide exactly that, hope, through biblical programmes, socio-economic support, children’s programmes, trauma care, educational support and so much more – helping our family when they feel that all hope is lost.


To help sustain himself, Anwar was given an opportunity at the centre to teach English to children. “The Centre of Hope gave me a new beginning in my life, after my old family became like strangers to me, I had nothing to belong to, I was alone. Now I’ve met a new family in the church… now I belong to this new family. If it wasn’t for the centre, I don’t know what I would do, I think I would be homeless, hungry and alone,” he shares

 Open Doors has a vision to turn every church in Iraq and Syria into Centres of Hope – a beacon for our family in faith. Currently, 65% of all churches in Iraq (about 125 congregations) have been transformed into Centres of Hope. In Syria 20% of churches (about 110 congregations) have been transformed into Centres of Hope.

You can support this vision today. So that the good news can be fully proclaimed in the hardest places through the continued presence of our family of faith.

You can help transform the lives of more believers like Anwar by supporting the Centres of Hope! Your help will give new hope to believers in their darkest hour. Today, if you’re able to give, please prayerfully consider giving hope to other believers like Anwar.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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