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You can help bring a future of comfort and joy to children facing the impact of persecution.

Christmas is going to feel very different this year. Twelve-year-old Daniela, in Colombia, already knows she won’t get to celebrate Christmas with her father. Nothing has been the same since Pastor Plinio was killed for his faith.

“It’s hardest when… when I think about my dad,” Daniela told us. That’s all she was able to say.

Colombia may have a high percentage of Christians, but it’s also home to ruthless drug cartels. And they don’t like it when pastors try to stop them. Pastors like Plinio, who was murdered in his own home. I can’t imagine what that was like for his family.

Today, will you help ease the pain and begin to change a persecuted child’s future with a Christmas gift?

Last year, Daniela and her brother Sebastián were able to spend four weeks at the Colombia Children’s Centre, run by Open Doors, over Christmas. It was a safe place to find comfort and joy, and a chance to begin properly recovering from trauma.

“I didn’t expect so many people,” remembers Daniela. “I was so surprised to see all of them, singing a welcome to us. I felt good for the first time in a long time.”  

I know that we can’t bring Pastor Plinio back. But we can show Daniela, and many, many other families like hers, that the Church has not abandoned them. Your gifts and prayers will offer encouragement and hope to children who need it the most, particularly at Christmas.

Open Doors believes that every child persecuted for their faith should be protected, provided for and strengthened to help ensure a better future for them and the long-term survival of the Church.

If we stop investing in vulnerable children, the persecuted Church has no future. The children’s centre and other similar projects, could be the difference between a child joining a drug cartel or growing up to spread the Gospel to their community. They need you now.

Will you bring comfort and joy to a persecuted child like Daniela, with a Christmas gift today?

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