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Region Middle East
Leader President Mahmoud Abbas
Population 4 928 000
Christian 1.4%
Main Religion Islam
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
Rank 36
Score 60
Previous Rank 23
Previous Score 64

“A ray of hope is the small but growing number of converts from Islam to Christianity.”

The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict causes many challenges. Indigenous Christians face restrictions from the Israeli side, while their religion makes them a minority in the Palestinian community. The area is governed by three different bodies: Hamas, the Israeli military and the Fatah party. Christians find themselves under the same restrictions as the general population. The Christian population is shrinking as more people travel to find better prospects in other countries.

In Gaza, although Christians are tolerated by Hamas, they are not protected. Christians in the Gaza strip are threatened by radical Islamic vigilante groups. Israeli military law in parts of the West Bank has led to restrictions on movement, which has meant Palestinian Christians cannot get to some churches. Life in this area is difficult for everyone, but Christians who convert from Islam are under even greater stress. This small group of believers often keep their faith a secret to avoid harassment and intimidation.

In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors is supporting the Church in Israel and Palestine through discipleship, Bible and Christian literature distribution, socio-economic development, advocacy and presence ministry, research, and prayer ministry.

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